Why Pay For Electricity When You Can Create Your Own Renewable Energy At Home?

Hey there, I’m Dale Sanders and thanks for visiting my site. As a father and grandfather, I’d become very concerned about the shape that the world is taking. My kids and grandkids are inheriting this Earth! I’m really not an activist or anything, but I figured if I can do something that helps the environment, and saves me money at the same time, why not go for it?

Plus, I’d had just about enough of the Electric Company GOUGING my family each and every month! Remember the movie “Network?” The famous line “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more!” I know that feeling! After my rates were raised three times in four years, I decided to try to do something about it.

I’d actually started trying to conserve energy several years ago to conserve energy. I did several common things to help (low wattage compact florescent bulbs, weather stripping, etc.) And I did see some savings with these steps – these are very valuable practices. But it seemed I still couldn’t keep up with the speed that the power company was raising their rates. I still wanted to do more, something that would have a bigger impact for my family, my budget, and our planet.

I Didn’t Think I Could Afford To Do This.

About three years ago, a friend of mine (whose electric bill was even higher than mine) spent several thousand dollars having solar panels installed at his home. SEVERAL thousand dollars! Much more than I could afford myself. I was a little skeptical about the whole thing. In fact, I ribbed him about it a good bit, asking him how many generations would have to live in the house to recoup the cost! It was all in fun, and he took it that way. He said the cost savings were important but he was more concerned about the environment and doing the right thing.

But then, each month, he’d make a point of showing me his electric bill. And I was truly amazed – his bill was about 60% lower than mine, and his house was a good 20-30% larger! His bills were nearly 80% less than they were before he installed the solar panels. One of the first few months, he actually had a credit on his electric bill because his meter had run backwards more than forward that month!

The first month, I thought it was a fluke. But after a few months of seeing his continued savings, I couldn’t tease him anymore. Sure, it would still take a while to save enough to pay for all he’d spent on the panels, but he was saving money, and he was doing something good for the environment. Teasing him sort of lost its appeal!

I was convinced that renewable energy was definitely the way to go. I started investigating solar panels and windmills. The prices were astronomical! I just couldn’t pay $2-3,000 for a solar panel or wind generator! I was kinda ticked off about it, to be honest. By now I was really wanting to go green, not just for the savings, but for the planet and my kids and grandkids. But I couldn’t afford it, and I was pretty frustrated.

Can I Really Do This Myself?


I’d heard about homemade solar panels and homemade windmills, but didn’t give it much thought at first. I mean, I’d heard of a guy making a homemade helicopter too, but that didn’t mean it was something I wanted to tackle!

After doing some research, though, I ran across information that led me to think that it was actually something that could be done fairly easily. The solar panels, not the helicopter! I hadn’t really found any resource complete enough to show me exactly how, but it looked like I could actually build my own renewable energy source. I even saw a few kits. but these were still way out of my price range.

Then I found Earth4Energy. The guy that founded it, Michael Harvey, is a longtime Renewable Energy Enthusiast. Several years ago, he began building solar and wind power systems for his family and friends. As interest grew in his projects, he wrote a book describing how anyone can build a Solar or Wind Energy system at home.

The Earth4Energy program came with a complete manual with detailed pictures and step-by-step instructions. There’s also a really easy to follow videos! It describes how to get all the parts, and even ways to save money on them. You can build a solar panel or windmill for less than $200! I couldn’t wait to get started.

Step By Step Videos

Anyone Can Do This!


This project was much easier than I thought. I decided to build a small portable solar panel as a first project. The windmill instructions are equally easy to follow, but solar panels were a better solution for where I live.

Now, it actually took a couple weekends, rather than just one. But I didn’t spend the entire weekends on it. I actually had some of the needed materials laying around in my garage, which saved me some mone. I spent a weekend getting everything together. With this smaller project, I had less than $150 in it!

By following Michael’s manual, putting the panel together was actually a pretty simple process. I do recommend taking your time. You should go through the manual a time or two before actually building your panel. If you get in a hurry and try to follow the manual for the first time as you build, you may get a little confused. Just take your time and you will should have no problems.

Click Here To See How Easy This Is

My little panel is great! I use it primarily fans, radios, even a small TV on my screened in porch. I have also used it camping! I am now starting on my next panel, a much larger and more powerful one to power appliances inside. I will eventually build several solar panels and link them to get even more off the electric company’s grid! The Earth4Energy videos give you detailed instructions on how to do this.

You Can Help Make This Planet Better For My Grandkids And Save Yourself Some Money!

I encourage you to take a look at the Earth4Energy program. Building your own solar panels, or your own wind generators, is easier than you think. You will enjoy the project, whichever you choose- I did! You can save money on electricity, or even eliminate your electricity bill entirely!

And most importantly, you will be doing something positive for our planet. I want my grandkids to be able to enjoy the beauty of the natural world that I have enjoyed, as I am sure you do for your future generations. Click Here And Try It Now.